Sunday, January 25, 2004

It has been an interesting wkd. A wkd full of laughter, challenges, and questions. I spent a lot of time with friends these past few days and it seems that many of my friends have lives that are changing and developing and well, I am being left in the dust.
I have a very wonderful group of friends who are about 8-10 years younger than me. It's kinda funny how we came about, but I love and cherish them. They are an integral part of my life. Within the last month, the last 2 single girls (besides me) have found great guys, and another couple had a wonderful new baby. I am overjoyed that these life changes have occurred to them and yet I find myself once again alone. They have included me in their happiness and I am glad to be there, and yet, here I still sit....alone.
And so I call my dear and single friend. She understands. She listens. And we discuss.
Recently she went out with someone a few times and then didnt hear from him. We wondered why and after speaking to his family member, she found out that maybe it was difficult for him to date her, because she "has it all together"
I got to tell you....she doesnt always "have it all together." And I am reminded of the times that different people have told me that I appear to "have it all together" and maybe that's intimidating for some.
Where does this myth come from? And who really has it all together? I gotta tell you NOT ME.
And why is it so wrong to have it all together...whatever "it" is.
And that's my challenge....if you think someone is perfect, no insecurities....think again...they are probably just as freaked out about things as you are......

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