Thursday, January 29, 2004


At the beginning of Dec I went to Regina where I purchased a great pair of boots for only $12. Now I am a good shopper and can find a good sale. I took the boots home, never to return to Regina again, to find that one of the boots is an 8, and one is a 9. $12 boots are expensive if you cant wear them.
At the end of Dec I bought another pair of boots, (mostly cas I am a shoe-oholic, and also cas the other pair didnt fit) and I have worn them ever since. They kinda pinched at first, but I am a determined woman, and I wore those boots till they stretched out.
Today I was trying on some spring merchandise, and I took my boots off to try on some pants. For some reason I looked down at them, to see was an 8.5 and one was a 9.
I am a moron.

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