Tuesday, January 06, 2004

First Aid

Today I had the opportunity to study first aid, with St. John's Ambulance. I thought it would be a long day ...8am til 6pm, and I would be overwhelmed and frustrated at the same time; that's how it was when I took it three years ago. The instructor spoke over our head, didnt answer practical or relevant questions and concentrated only on giving us "book" answers. Today however, was not the case.
The instructor today, took time to actually watch all of us do our thing, correcting and encouraging and even laughing with us when we really screwed up.( I didnt mean to trip over my spinal injury patient.) He looked at real life and helped us incorporate what we were learning to address real situations. Wow.
I have never felt confident in CPR and would not want many people to know that I had been educated in it.The last instructor scared the crap outta me with lawsuit stories, etc. At the end of the day, I told him that I wasnt sure that I would volunteer my services if someone else could. I didn't want to screw things up.
He looked at me, smiled, and said "Robyn, they're already dead. What more could you do to them."
Good call Tom, they are already dead, I might as well give them my best shot.

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