Sunday, January 18, 2004

The bathingsuit

I love my mother. I love her very much. I am glad that she doesnt read my blog.
Today my mother and I went shopping. She needed a bathing suit, and I was going to help her.
My mother, you see, is not the smallest mom in the world. Friends have told me that she gives the best hugs...she is very pillowy...and so you get the picture.
Well she picked a few suits and went to the fitting room. I, being the good daughter, went and grabbed sizes for her....
She tried on this nice little blue number. She thought it was a nice 2 piece, like a little dress. She put on the top, over her head and tried to pull it down, but much to her chagrin, she got stuck. It was then I went to help her, and found the other leg hole. It was a one piece and she just tried to pull herself thru one of the leg holes.
It was then that I fell to the floor....laughing so hard, I couldda peed. And she was on her own.....

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